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How to Manage Server Anonymously

A lot of hosting providers keep logs and records to know who controls what servers. If your server is identified or completely compromised, you want to be sure that its not tied to your real identity if you wanted anonymity when managing server cloud server.

So. Whats are the solutions?

The following steps enable you to remain anonymous when creating a server. Throughout this whole process you should be using Tor browser for all web browsing and searching. Remember, dont login into your normal brower or even worst logging in into your personal email account from Tor.

  1. Create an email address. Use a disposable email like or use encrypted services where your privacy is protected such as or
  2. Get a virtual server. Ideally, do not use a created card because it will creates a link to your real identity. Pay using bitcoin. Although Digital Ocean does not accept bitcoin, but at bizcloud, we do accept bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin is a pseudo-anonymous cryptocurrency
  3. Create an SSH key-pair.
  4. Create a server and login into your server using your ssh key which you have generated Tadaaa! You have an anonymous server.

Pay VPS using Bitcoin and Altcoin