How To

Troubleshooting Cryptocurrency Payment on BizCloud

We use CoinPayment as our cryptocurrency payment processor. All the cryptocurrency payment will go through them before we receive our payment. The following are some tips and steps that need to be done in case you are having trouble when paying using cryptocurrency in our website.

  1. Use QR code for your cryptocurrency payment to avoid mistake in sending your payment.
  2. After you're done with your cryptocurrency payment, always check your email inbox, including the spam folder for any email from CoinPayment.
  3. If the email says that your payment are completed, your BizCloud account will be credited in less than 5 minutes.
  4. If the email says other than no 3 above, please read carefully and follow the instructions from the email. Some problem for your payment could be that the payment timed out (due to congestion on the blockchain) or you didn't include TX fees during your payment. No need to panic, just read the instructions carefully from the email and follow the steps.
  5. Take note of your transaction ID from the email that you receive from CoinPayment.
  6. You can use and check the status of your cryptocurrency payment by using your transaction ID at this link:
  7. In case you didn't receive email from CoinPayment, please create and login into your CoinPayment account, then create a support ticket with them. You can create the support ticket at the following link: